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Quick fix solution for Diabetes: Any Possibility?

Quick fix solution for Diabetes: Any Possibility?

Diabetes is on the rise

The estimated number of diabetes patients in the 20-79 age group is 74.2 millions in 2021 and is likely to increase to 124.8 millions in 2045, said Mansukh Mandaviya, Union Minister of Health And Family Welfare to the Lok Sabha on December 3, 2021. He was quoting from the Diabetes Atlas 2021 of the International Diabetes Federation. 

So there is no question on rising cases uncontrollably. Factors contributing the same are many including urbanization, an ageing population, decreasing levels of physical activity and increasing levels of people being overweight and developing obesity. 

Let's Discuss about the possibilities of solution: Any quick fixes here?

There is really no quick fix option available. However, it is manageable through various ways including Ayurveda, Homeopathy and in some cases together with allopathy medications to avoid urgent complications due to fluctuating sugar levels in the body.

According to the WHO, nearly 90 percent of all diabetes cases is Type 2 diabetes which is largely due to the result of excess body weight and physical inactivity. Certain modifications in lifestyle measures like healthy diets, regular exercise, healthy sleep, stress free life etc. can help prevent or delay the onset of Type 2 diabetes.

Ayurveda has also found to be very effective in managing and controlling Type 2 diabetes. Many people have been benefited with the proper usage of Ayurveda supplements and by following associated guidelines in terms of diets and exercise.

Chini Mukti Kit has been found to be really benefiting many of them who were looking for a natural way of dealing with Type 2 Diabetes. They have observed that their sugar level have consistently been on a downward slope since they have started using it. 


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